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Mobile100 will create a mobile friendly
website based on the design and content
of your main site. Starting from 490$


Why do you need a mobile optimized website?

Fifty percent of all Americans are smartphone users. Many of your potential customers are searching for you right now on their mobile phone. If your site isn't mobile friendly most of these users will likely leave your site and seek out a competitor's mobile-friendly site.

What do we offer?

We will create a mobile website which will run alongside your main website. The new website will be based on the content and design of your main site, but will be fully optimized for mobile phone users: Clear Details and Simplified content, quick navigation, Thumb friendly, Click to call and click to email buttons, Interactive maps and more.

How does it work?

After setting up the mobile site, we will add a short code to your current website. The code recognizes the device the surfer is using (computer or smart phone) and automatically redirects him to the main site or mobile site.

What does it cost?

The cost mainly depends on the number of pages your site has.
The price is 490$ for a mini site.
Contact us to receive a detailed quote for full website.
The mobile site can be hosted with your main site, so you will have no ongoing or additional costs.

Examples of mobile optimized websites

תיק עבודות לאתרי סלולרי


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Examples of mobile optimized websites