Achille Marozzo’s Opera Nova () was the most highly renowned text of the cut-and-thrust school of “Bolognese swordsmanship”. Achille Marozzo’s Opera Nova (). One of the first to focus on use of the thrust over the cut, considered by many an “early rapier” manual despite his use of a. The Sala d’Arme Achille Marozzo aims to study Historical European Martial Arts of the Italian Middle Ages and Renaissance, especially the ancient science of.

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That is in the guardia di faccia. In this manner you will be in the porta di ferro alta on the left and the coda lunga e alta on the right and you will settle well formed with the arms and legs. But remaining attentive of him, that when he strikes to your sword to go to the roverso, then do a maroxzo to marzozo rising leg, to the neck or to the sword arm.

Opera Nova (Achille Marozzo) ~ Wiktenauer ~☞ Insquequo omnes gratuiti fiant

Please note that it is needful that you go to find your enemy with one of those, going to play that has an opinion of you. In your right hand hold your sword in the coda lunga e alta.

And here you return back to play, making a gran passo with the right foot to the rear of the left. This segno I outline in this book in order that you do not forget. In this manner you will keep your sword and dagger as aforementioned well settled.

Identify in sufficient detail the copyrighted work that you believe has been infringed upon for example, “The copyrighted work at issue is the image that appears on http: I want you to know that it is a beautiful mystery to know how to teach people well, more than to just play; for a man, if he knows how to play well and does not know how to teach, is not good he is single: Your left foot will go close by the right and you will strongly embellish the play.


Here it is considered that if your enemy throws a roverso to the head or leg, on this roverso have courage for I want you to in the time he throws the roverso to throw your left foot close by the right and you will do a pass to his roverso and passing said roverso he will not be able to harm you.

This thing do so you will not be griped and you will be certain. Here you will make a half turn of the hand to the inside and go into a porta di ferro stretta.

Opera Nova (Achille Marozzo)

More when considering that said tramazzon is not able to hit you. Hora al nome de Dio qui daremo principio a uno gioco molto gentile e utile de spada e cappa, per uno che havesse da combattere a homo per homo. For your defense when he then attacks you, immediately step forward with the right foot and throw a rising falso with a mandritto tondo under the arm together with a roverso.

Being in the guardia alta and your enemy being where he wishes, I want you to advance forward with acyille right foot and throw a fendente to the rim of the brochireo going into the porta di ferro stretta.

Watch well for when he countersteps with the left foot and throws the tramazzon you will withdraw your right leg a little and your sword arm.

Your digital signature is achile legally binding as a physical signature. Know that when you strike you must step forward strongly with your right foot and your left leg will follow behind the right.

In this manner your sword will be in the cinghiara porta di ferro and you will make a half turn of the hand and settle into a well formed coda lunga e stretta with the cape extended forward.

This is one of the counters you could perform. Tu sai che nella seconda parte tu sei rimaso in porta di ferro stretta: Remaining in the coda longa e stretta as in the second part I want you to keep the cape low.


Arti marziali e Scherma storica Italiana dal 1997

And of what is dritto and roverso, making every one against said segno. Your left thigh will be guarded from your enemy and your right foot will be extended. As achllle are in the said porta di ferro alta and if your opponent is right-foot forward no matter in whathigh guardyou should pass with the left foot toward his right side and while you step you should feint a tramazzone, then push a thrust to his face, as you cover [your blow] with the brocchiero.

With this you will embellish the play in the manner aforementioned.

You will then step with your right foot strongly behind the left and for your defense you will take three of four steps back.

You will settle in a well formed coda longa e alta because if your enemy attacks your leg or head, I want you to do this, that is to attack his left side. Or, cut to the leg with a mandritto; or a roverso, or thrust, or tramazzone.

Online Library: Achille Marozzo,

This I would do for reason that when you attack with a cut your enemy may very well want to withstand a second blow so he can, in his fury, deliver one to you. But I will put you in this guard for a little bit for it is not very appropriate for the brochiero stretto.

Here you will be attentive, waiting for your enemy so you may throw a mandritto at the head or the leg. That is, in chioccare and montare in a useful manner as aforementioned. This will proceed upwards towards his face, and your sword will end in cinghiara porta di ferro alta. The roverso should go to the sword arm of your enemy.

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