ATG Logotyp · Öppna konto. Logga in V75, V86, V64 och HARRY BOY är exempel på varumärken som tillhör AB Trav och Galopp. Våra regler och villkor. Aktiebolaget Trav och Galopp (ATG) är travsportens samverkansorgan för spel på V86 handlar om att hitta vilka hästar som kommer först i mål i åtta lopp och. – Diskutera trav i vårt Travforum, gratis travtips, läs vad olika proffs, tidningar och tyckare tror, eller varför inte dela med dig av dina egna tips och.

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Frozen track A condition of a racetrack where any moisture present is frozen. Also known as a “tongue strap. You win if you correctly att the winning horse. Thoroughbred A purebred horse whose ancestry can be traced back to one of three foundation sires and whose pedigree is registered in 8v6 American Stud Book or in a foreign stud book that is recognized by the Jockey Club and the International Stud Book Committee. Horses sink into it noticeably.

ATG and Swedish Horse Racing – Our Games

Outsider Horse or horses offering the largest potential returns to customers. Trotter A natural gait of a horse in which his front xtg on one side of his body moves in the same direction as the hind leg on the opposite side of his body.

Ahg Selection of the first two finishers, irrespective of order, for a single contest. Heat One of a number of events to determine the ultimate winner of a race.

Like us on facebook to get all the latest information about Swedish horseracing and our major races. Stick A jockey’s whip. Often shortened to “tote.

Auto Start The horses run on a line after a start-car. Post Position The pre-assigned position from which a horse will leave the starting gate. It atf considered a diagonal stride.

Aktiebolaget Trav och Galopp – Wikipedia

Fast track Footing that is dry, even and resilient. H Hard track Hard track A condition of a turf course where there is no resiliency to the surface. Bridle A piece of equipment, usually made of leather or nylon, which fits on a horse’s head and is where other equipment, such as a bit and the reins, are attached. Scratch The act of withdrawing an entered horse from a contest after closing of entries. You win if you correctly pick the first, second or third horse. Muddy track A condition of a racetrack which is wet, but has no standing water.


Pool betting All customers stakes are pooled and, after deduction of a percentage to cover overheads and contribution to racing, the pool of money is divided between those with the winning selections.

T Taken up Taken up A horse pulled up sharply by its driver because of being in close quarters. Called an “exactor” in Canada. Stretch Turn Bend of track into the final straightaway.


Post Time The scheduled starting time for a atgg. L Late Scratch Late Scratch A horse that is withdrawn from a race after betting on that race has begun. V Veterinarian Veterinarian The commission or board veterinarian, sometimes referred to as the state veterinarian, is usually appointed by the state racing commission. Carryover The non-distributed pool monies which are retained and 8v6 to a corresponding pool in accordance with these jurisdiction rules. Follow us on Facebook. Totalizator An automated parimutuel system that dispenses and records betting tickets, calculates and displays odds and payoffs and provides the mechanism for cashing winning v866.

You win if you correctly pick the winning combination of the first and second horse in exact order. Heavy track Wettest possible condition of a turf course; not usually atv in North America.

Also, horses which have been away from the races for a long period of time usually over one monthmust race in a qualifying race before being allowed to enter into a betting race. Draw The process of assigning post positions and the process of selecting contestants in a manner to ensure compliance with the conditions of the rules of racing.



When a horse draws post position one, it is considered to have drawn the “rail. Colt An ungelded entire male horse four-years-old or younger. U Under Wraps Under Wraps Horse under stout restraint in a race or workout to keep it from pulling away from the competition by too large a margin.

Out of the Money A horse that finishes worse than third. Only available on nominated race.

Horses sink very deeply into it. You win if you correctly agt the winning combination of the first and second horse in any order. This is Swedish horse racing. Trifecta is offered on every race at various racetracks throughout Sweden.

Horses which have made repeated breaks during races are required to re-qualify before being allowed to return to the races. R Race Card Race Card Means in racing, all entries, grades, and distances for a regularly scheduled race performance, as shown in an official program.

Owner A person who holds any title, right or interest, whole or partial in a contestant, including the lessee and lessor of a contestant. Exacta or perfecta A type of bet on a race to select, in the correct order, the first two finishers in the official result. You win if you correctly pick the two winning horses in two designated races. You atv if you correctly pick the winning combination of the first, second and ath horse in exact order.

Work The finish line of a race. Step Up A horse moving up in class to meet better competition. Also known as the “board.

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