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Owls, barn owls, toads and witches.

Check date values in: Looking to enjoy a great excursion through some of the world’s most beautiful vineyards? However, typically the queimada ritual takes place during St. This ritual was so successful qeimada it quickly became very widespread. The entire experience was wonderful and met all of our expectations.

Spanish distilled drinks Distilled drinks Conxurro mythology Galician cuisine. Hear the roars of those that cannot stop burning in the firewater, becoming so purified. Not as necessarily, but there is something truly magical and warm about the experience, especially when shared among friends.

As the flames flicker from the a wooden ladle plunges into the bottom of the pot and sours back into the air, as a long stream cascades blue liquid light back into the bubbling brew.

Hear the roars of those that cannot stop burning in the firewater, becoming so purified. Many places here say they offer the authentic version of Porto, but rarely do – these tours go into places that others don’t, they bust the qkeimada of wine, Port and give you the cobxuro insights, show you the faces behind qudimada wine. We had breathtaking views of a side of the Douro that most visitors don’t get to see, knowledgeable explanations of the grapes, wines and processes and of course, delicious table and port wines, some poured straight from the barrel.

Although sometimes believed to be an ancient Celtic tradition transmitted along generations, some claim that the Queimada was actually developed in the s. The Queimada is a traditional ritual, practiced by the people of Galicia, located in the upper northwest corner of Spain, propped comfortably over Portugal, to cast out demons and bad spirits through an incantation and a witches brew made conxurl Orujo.


We had the chance to meet one very young producer Oscar Quevedo: Consello da Cultura Galega. Queimada is an alcoholic beverage of Galician tradition.

Conxuro da Queimada | Queimada galega in | Pinterest | Paradise and Homeland

We visited a winery where the vintner gave us the most authentic and informative tour of the vineyards and wine cellar we have had. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Today, very little has changed. Pour approximately 4 Tbsp orujo and 1 Tbsp sugar into cknxuro small glass and stir to dissolve sugar, then conuro aside. Once the spell begins from the lips of the druid priest, the flame is ignited over the cauldron and the alcohol begins to burn, representing light. We had a gourmet lunch with wines perfectly paired.

Queimada (drink)

quemada Our tour guide, Ryan Opaz, was extremely knowledgeable about the wines, the Quintas, the history of Port and Portuguese table wine and the country of Portugal. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The goal of the preparation ritual is to distance the bad spirits that, according with the tradition, lie in wait for men and women to try to curse them. It is traditionally prepared in a hollow pumpkin.


Satan and Beelzebub ‘s Inferno, fire of the burning corpses, mutilated bodies of the indecent ones, farts of the asses of doom, bellow of the enraged sea. I cannot think of a better way to experience the authentic Douro!

Pomace is the residual material obtained after crushing the grapes — consisting of seeds, skins and stalks — which is then fermented in qyeimada vats and distilled in alambiquesalquitaras or potas large copper kettles that are heated over an open fire for a minimum of 6 hours.

Add the lemon peel and coffee beans and stir again.

Conxuro (Da Queimada) Lyrics

All aspects of the tour were planned to provide an exceptional experience for our ca of eleven friends. After dinner, in the darkness of night, is one of the best times for it.

The tour and experience could not have been better! Be sure to have a large lid handy to put out the flames. Carefully move the ladle very close to the clay pot until the orujo mixture in the pot catches fire.


The highlight of the day was the chance to join the Purple Foot Club by treading grapes in stone tanks. Our tour was in the harvest season and we were able to participate in the traditional stomping of grapes in a granite lagar.

August Learn how and when to remove this template message. Retrieved from ” https: Typically, while preparing the punch a spell or incantation is recited, so that special powers are conferred to the queimada and daa drinking it.

The Queimada was initially prepared by groups of Galician emigrants, typically after fellowship lunches and other group events, who prepared theatrical revivals of old beliefs.

John’s Night or ‘witches’ night’ on the 23rd of June. Stir frequently until the flames turn blue. Pour the orujo and sugar mixture from the glass into a ladle and light it on fire. Outstanding day trip from Porto with Catavino!

This page was last edited on 14 Februaryat Wisps of the Holy Company, evil eyeblack witchcraft, scent of the dead, thunder and lightning. This was accompanied by theatrical revivals of old beliefs such as the reading of spells written ad hoc to keep witches away.

As a result, we were treated to experiences and face to face interactions that we would never have had on our own or with someone less tied into the art of making wine.

Queimada is a punch made from Galician augardente Orujo Gallego – a spirit distilled from wine and flavoured with special herbs or coffeeplus sugarlemon peel, coffee beans and cinnamon.

Demons, goblins and devils, spirits of the misty vales. Crows, salamanders and witches, charms of the folk healer ess.

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