This research investigates the impact of cyclone Sidr on six regional economic systems of Bangladesh. The study uses secondary data on. On November 15, , the SIDR cyclone hit the coast of south-west Bangladesh with winds of up to km per hour. It caused extensive damages to houses. Bangladesh is one of the developing countries in the world, which is suffering by different kinds of natural hazard like flood, cyclone, storm.

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Based on that development, a “Tropical Cyclone Formation Alert” was issued for the region. Still another cyclone in ripped through Urir Char and devastated Chittagong, Bangladeesh Bazar and the coastal islands with kmph winds and a 15 foot high surge that killed about 11, people.

Coastal districts of Bangladesh faced heavy rainfall as an early impact of the cyclone. View full document [pdf Joint Typhoon Warning Center. Retrieved May 13, The category 4 storm was accompanied by tidal waves up to five meters high and surges up to 6 meters in some areas, breaching coastal and river embankments, flooding low-lying areas and causing extensive physical destruction.

Water – Cyclone Sidr: World Bank Assistance to Bangladesh

SIDR and its surge resulted in thousands of deaths and massive destruction of coastal communities. This information was supplemented by completed and ongoing assessments of United Nations UN agencies and community-based analysis conducted by the national and international Non-Governmental Organizations NGOs that participated in the joint effort.

The Banglaeesh Surge Bangladesh is a country that is almost entirely situated on an an enormous delta that has been formed by the confluence of Ganges, Brahmaputra, and Meghna rivers and their tributaries.

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However, this did not happen. Contact Us – Ask questions and suggest improvements. Another cyclone on Nov 29, with winds of up to kmph and a 6. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Any unauthorized use or reproduction of material from this site without written permission is prohibited. Patuakhali was also hard-hit, with deaths reported. Cyclone walls planted within trees are in place to protect vulnerable areas from storm surges. First, is the unabated increase in the price of oil. The entire cities of Patuakhali, Barguna and the Jhalokati District were hit hard by the cyclone’s surge of over 5 meters 16 ft. Economic challenges faced by Bangladesh Bangladesh has been burdened by three adverse shocks this year.

Most of the cyclones that have made landfall in Bangladesh in the past have caused thousands of deaths. The aim of the assessment is to identify priority areas to support the Government of Bangladesh in cyclone recovery efforts as well as to design a disaster management strategy.

Resources for

To start a new collection, enter a new tag below. This page was last edited on 11 Octoberat A service provided by ReliefWeb has been the leading online source for reliable and timely humanitarian information on global crises and disasters since Cyclone Sidr – Nov Or type the email address es below and click ‘Send email’ Your name. Retrieved November 17, There was extensive flood damage at Barisal and at Baniashanta, across from the port city, Mongla, as the cyclone’s surge rolled in.

The warning was disseminated by emergency response authorities in Bangladesh, prompting massive evacuations of the low-lying coastal areas. Improved disaster prevention measures, including an improved forecasting and warning system, coastal afforestation projects, cyclone shelters, and embankments are credited with lower casualty rates than what would have been expected, given the severity of the storm.

Any predictions of large earthquakes, destructive tsunamis, or any other natural disasters presented in these pages are based primarily on statistical determinations of the historical recurrence frequencies of such events.

As recent research has shown, climate change is projected to worsen the intensity and frequency of natural disasters. For protective health environment, support to reproductive health service, telecommunication support, nutrition supplement. A service provided by. On 15 NovemberCyclone Sidr struck the south-west coast of Bangladesh with winds up to kilometers per hour.


The cyclone made landfall in Bangladesh in the evening of November 15, The storm’s surge flooded areas up to a height of 3 metres 9. Retrieved January 2, On November 9, an area of disturbed weather developed southeast of the Andaman Islandswith a weak low-level circulation near the Nicobar Islands.

Moderate upper-level wind shear inhibited its organized development, bangladeesh strong diffluence aloft aided in developing convection. Damage and Losses Damage and loss from Cyclone Sidr was concentrated on the southwest coast of Bangladesh. Retrieved November 23, On 15 November Super Cyclone SIDR, a category IV storm in the international scale, struck the Bangladesh coast and moved inland destroying infrastructure, causing numerous deaths, disrupting economic activities and affecting social conditions, especially in the poorer areas of the country.

It is estimated that perhaps up to 10, people actually lost their lives, with thousands more injured, or missing. A comprehensive methodology was used to estimate damage to assets, changes in economic flows, and impacts on social and economic conditions.

November Learn how and when to remove this template message. Forecast heights of the storm surge predicted by a numerical model developed by Dr. About 13, housing packages, consisting of iron sheets for roofing and family kits were prepared for immediate distribution. Electricity and communication were knocked out, and roads and waterways became impassable. However, property damage was as severe or even worse that that caused in In brief, “SIDR” affected about 2 million families comprising about 9 million people.

The cyclone that bangladwsh landfall in the coastal Chittagong region, killed more than 11, people and destroyed about 1 million homes. Electricity and water service were cut.

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