complicado mecanismo de acción antitumoral como con sus efectos .. inhibidores de la topoisomerasa II (doxorrubicina, etopósido. mecanismo de acción de antineoplasicos. AV Doxorrubicina (antraciclina). – Lesión del ADN. –Inhibición topoisomerasa II. –Vía intravenosa. Abraxane (nombre genérico: paclitaxel unido a albúmina (nab-paclitaxel)) · Adriamicina (nombre genérico: doxorrubicina) · Carboplatino.

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Intramuscular injections should not be administered to patients with platelet counts 60 years. A second woman with breast cancer metastatic to the liver received fluorouracil, cyclophosphamide and epirubicin but was removed from the mecaniemo due to the pregnancy.

Epirubicin and other anthracyclines induce cytotoxicity through several different mechanisms.


Following skin or ocular exposure, skin and eyes should be thoroughly rinsed. However, later events several months to years after ending treatment have been reported. The epirubicin doxxorrubicina was significantly more myelosuppressive.

Serum bilirubin and AST levels should be evaluated before and during treatment with epirubicin. Symptoms of extravasation are usually immediate although extravasations into chest wall tissue are less acutely symptomatic.

Breast-feeding is contraindicated during epirubicin therapy.

Doxorrubicina – Viquipèdia, l’enciclopèdia lliure

As this can be a progressive injury, appropriate long-term follow-up is required. These changes do not necessitate dose modification doxorrubivina discontinuation and are not predictive of delayed cardiotoxicity.


Women may experience irreversible amenorrhea, premature menopause, and decreased fertility.

Acute cardiotoxicity can occur during administration of epirubicin; a cumulative, dose-dependent cardiomyopathy may also occur. Unfortunately, trifluoperazine and verapamil must be given in toxic doses to achieve this positive effect. Generally, this is not a problem in patients with breast cancer, but clinicians should closely monitor susceptible patients i.

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It does not appear dexrazoxane affects the clinical efficacy or non-cardiac toxicity of epirubicin. The esophagus can be especially sensitive.

In one case, a woman was 28 weeks pregnant at her diagnosis of breast cancer and was treated with cyclophosphamide and epirubicin every 3 weeks for 3 cycles. Epirubicin has a triphasic clearance with half-lives for the alpha, beta, and terminal phases of 3 minutes, 1 hour, and 30 hours, respectively.

The estimated risk of developing epirubicin-induced CHF is 0. Cyclosporine can be given to block MDR resistance in doses much higher than those used in transplantation. While the spectrum of toxicities for epirubicin and doxorubicin are similar, the incidence of toxicity differs.

Epirubicinol has the one-tenth the cytotoxic activity of epirubicin and is not likely to contribute to the overall cytotoxic activity of epirubicin. It is characterized by acvion flushing and delayed erythematous streaking along the vein. Epirubicin has a similar spectrum of activity and toxicity as doxorubicin.

Symptoms may last up to an hour and may be treated with steroids, antihistamines and ice packs. Dosage adjustments of antigout wccion may be necessary to control hyperuricemia. Tumor lysis syndrome may occur due to treatment with epirubicin; appropriate measures e. This may compromise the efficacy of the uricosuric agents probenecid and sulfinpyrazone. Multicenter randomized clinical trial on high-dose epirubicin plus cis-platinum versus vinorelbine plus cis-platinum in advanced non-small cell lung doxorrbicina.


The doxorruvicina of patients were then able to undergo surgical resection. Epirubicin should not be administered during pregnancy mecanissmo of the possibility of teratogenic effects. Anaphylactoid reactions and urticaria may occur following epirubicin administration.

Doxprrubicina of epirubicin infusions should be avoided. For the adjuvant treatment of breast cancer: Epirubicin is rapidly and extensively metabolized by the liver and other tissues, including red blood cells.

If a woman becomes pregnant during therapy, she should be advised of the potential risks to the fetus. The use of protective gowns, gloves and goggles is recommended.

Outpatient treatment with epirubicin and oral etoposide in patients with small-cell lung cancer. Hyperpigmentation of the oral mucosa may also occur. Regrowth of hair usually resumes 3 weeks after therapy has been discontinued.

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