Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. SRI KRISHNA KARNAMRUTHAM is a beautiful composition of verses describing leelas (past times) of Lord Sri Krishna. This develops prema bhakthi in the. It is also believed that Lord Krishna used to shake his head as a sign of approval for the slokas of this great work(Sri Krishna Karnamrutham) that He approved.

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My salutations you, who has come in front of me. I salute that girl child who is the Lakshmi of the Vamsa clan, Whose prettiness is only due to shining body parts, Who is decorated only by the peacock feather, And whose look is filled with mercy. Let the result of the good deeds of Devaki protect us, Who stands with bare body and with a turban, And with the whip held tightly with his teeth, Who scratches the back of the horses, taking them to the river, And who gives bath to the horses by taking water in his hands.

Victory to my life involved in composing a prayer, About him,who wears the feather of the exuberant peacock, About him whose lotus like face attracts even the love god, And about him who is deceived by the eyes of damsels of Vruja [4]. I salute that light which has a very pretty form, Karnamruttham is being saluted by groups of saints, Which peers at the breasts and hips of the vallava maidens, Which has very pretty eyes resembling lotus flowers, Which does service to heart melting prayers karnajrutham Vedic manthras, And which is blue like the water rich cloud.

I salute the pair of lotus like feet of Krishna, Who has shown his child form jarnamrutham of mercy, And whose feet has become pretty due to the association, With flower garlands of Devas who salute those feet. Though his subjects are people living in huts, Though his friends are few cowherds, Though his garland is the rope used to tie the cows, Though the people paying tribute to him are his cowherdesses, Though his ornaments are peacock feathers and red stone from mountain, And though the real truth about him is like this, This Krishna is called the Lord kdishna three worlds.

There is a thing in the world which contains the good of the entire world, That is seen often with the breasts of Lakshmi, That is always kept besides them and enjoyed by the holy people Who have shed their regal and base characters, That shines from the piles of flowers that fell from the wish giving trees.

Shree Krishna Karnamrutam

Some say that he belonged to a place called Kaarnamrutham, originally mukti-sthalam, in kerala, which Telugu pundits refute by saying that Leelashuka has covered a vast area of south India when Andhra, Karnataka and Maharashtra states were one province.

He started his masterpiece called Krishna Karaamrutham with the slokam:. In this rapid water like flow of the life of a man, At least one instant should be considered as remarkable, And that instant is the time is which we enjoy, The remarkable history of the black coloured child Krishna. Lotus like feet which is incomparable wealth of sages, And the lotus like face being the wealth of Vruja lasses. He is the one who removes pains of the mind of sages, He is the one who karbamrutham the dress of the proud Vruja maidens, He is the one who krlshna the pride of Indra, the king of devas, And he is the one who entered my mind and stole it.

Retrieved from ” https: If you are pleased with me, What is the use of good behaviour, If you are not pleased with me, Then what is the use of good behaviour, For if a lady has love from her husband, What is the need for decoration with Kumkum, flowers etc, And if the lady does not have love from her husband What is the need for decoration with Kumkum, flowers etc.

Let us be protected by iarnamrutham great light, Which is the source of wealth of playfulness, Which pardons the sins of those who prostrate before it, Which lives in the heart of blessed people, And which has the exuberance of youth. Let our wishes be fulfilled by the pretty form of Lord Krishna, Whose body shines as he eats new butter and drinks new milk, Who is pretty being coated with curds all over his body, Who removes all the great sufferings of the people of three worlds, Who is of the blue colour of the new tender leaves of mango, And is decorated prettily by the use of peacock feathers.


Oh Child of Vruja clan, may my eyes permanently see pretty form of yours, Whose eye brows are pretty and curved like the bow of the God of love, Whose eye brow hairs are thick, whose eyes which bear the devotion of devotes, And the passion of the Gopi maidens, who keeps shifting glances always, Whose indistinct prattle is ebbing with the essence of kindness, Whose lips which ooze out nectar are deep red in colour, Whose music coming out from the flute is heard permanently, And his body which is krjshna like a dark cloud is bewitching the world.

Published by Sree Gaudiya Math in Madras.

Log in Request account. But he became a devotee of Krishna. This book has three chapters containing respectively, and shlokas. Bless me with a side long glance of yours, Which is mixed with sweet music from your flute, For if you are pleased with me, I do not need any other one, And if you are not pleased with me.

Sri Krishna Karnamrutham

Let us karnamruhham made happy by that lord, Akrnamrutham defeats nectar about its sweetness, Who is very pretty with the smile showing his mercy, Who gives satisfaction to the eyes of Gopis, And who is the place of origin of Goddess Lakshmi.

We salute the feet of the amorous one of Vallavas, Who ties us with the passionate side long glances, Who is loved by people with blue lotus like krisnna, And who has a lotus like face with lips engaged in a slight smile. The luck karnamruthqm Prahladha, who lives in the cave of the mountain of Vedas, Who is denoted by the word Narasimha, who removes the sorrow of devas, Is the concept that is suitable for my prayer. Victory to the gem among Gopalas, who is surrounded by Gopa ladies, Who has a musk thilaka on his forehead, Kousthubha gem on his chest, A new gem studded nose drop at the end karnamrutjam the nose, Flute in his hand, Bangle on his hand, Who is coated with sandal paste all over and wears a necklace of beads on his neck.

I salute that child,as the wish giving tree of Brindavana, Where pecock which is the steed of Karnanrutham dances On seeing the black hair of Krishna thinking that it is a cloud, Where Nandi the bull of Lord Shivasmells out the cows passionately, And where the elephant Iravatha the steed of Indra learns to walk from Krishna. I daily salute Achutha in the form of a child, Who is covered with dusts raised by hooves of cows, Who is being followed by hundreds of cowherd children, And who goes to every house in the evening, to tie the cows.

I sing about the body of the Lord.

How can I describe your great mercy, Because the moon being defeated by your face, Lost all its pride and appeared in your ten nails of your feet, And is getting much more brilliance than he ever had. I surrender to the lord, who is coloured by the Kumkuma [5] of the pot like breast of Gopis, Who shines by the flute held in the hands which are of the red colour of the new leaves, Who has lotus like feet which jeer the redness of the fully opened lotus flower, And who has an attractive face due to the shine of his very sweet lips.

Though only distantly referred to by great sages, He is seen by the young ladies of Vruja country, With ever glowing face that bewitches the three worlds, And with a body which looks like a slightly open blue lotus, And when will this poor man be able to see him like that. I salute the pure soul,who is the son of Vasudeva, Who is the consort of Lakshmi, who has eyes like lotus flower, Who has a face like a full moon, who is a friend of Indra, Who is the source of mercy and who has a very pretty body.


The moon can become a light and take up the job, Of doing neerajanam [12] to your face,without any expectation for a long time. This form of great light, which is sweet to the mind, Which has firmness in the tender feet, fleshiness in the calf, Thickness in the hips, lotus in the stomach, Length in the arms, breadth in the chest, Sweetness in the lips, dense nature of the hair, Youthfulness in the face, shine in the eyes, And uses forest products for decoration, is indeed wonderful.

Let us be made holy by the Krishna lifting Govardhana with a smile, Who is being seen with joy by Yasodha, with long passion by gopa maidens, Who is being seen with suspicion by Indra and with flowers by the sages, Who is being seen with sorrow by mother earth and with jealousy by gopa boys, And is seen by citizens with mercy and with joy by all the others.

Let us be protected by Krishna, who is the sea of mercy and good deeds, So that his loving merciful side long glance cures, The great darkness of passion that engulfs all our minds, Which are attacked by avarice and great desire. Your face which is complete with several crescents of sweet words, Can never be compared to the moon rising from the sea or to the lotus? Being kissed kanamrutham the eye by pretty damsels with the face irishna moon, And being the Lord of Gopas, herds of cows and Gopi maidens, And being the lover and a sweet God for the groups of Vallava maidens, The son of Devaki played flute extremely well.

Oh God, let there be few or thousands of very kriehna people, Let there be very many people competing to be most pretty, Let the God of love, Indra and others compete for this, But I do not consider them karnamrutha, some kriahna worth competing, For telling the real truth, in prettiness or in being lucky, Being in their acme, it is only in you and you only.

Karhamrutham please look at that pretty Krishna, who plays music on flute by his pretty lips, And also see that flame of light which sports a lotus like face, With his age touching youthfulness and which is indescribable?

Sri Krishna Karnamrutham – Hindupedia, the Hindu Encyclopedia

Maadhuryadhapi madhure, Manmadha thathasya kimapi kaisoram, Chapalyadhapi chapalam, Chetho mama harathi hantha kim karma?.

Since he described with great joy the leelas of Krishna like Shukadev Goswamithe author of Bhagavata Puranahe came to be known as Leela Shuka. No, no, he is the one, who holds the mother earth, Is he the snake with two toungues? Victory to my Guru Somagiri, who is like a gem of thought, Victory to my Lord, who wears a peacock feather, For he who wears his feet, which are like the leaves of wish giving tree, Would certainly be, sought, after by the goddess Vijayalakshmi.

But that tying, karnanrutham all the three worlds in his belly, And became reason for very loud complaints from everywhere.

Krishna Karnamrutham –

They could copy only first chapter in that night; later, on his returning to Vanga province, he found it to be incomplete, and then Mahaprabhu sent disciples to Andhra to fetch a complete copy of this work. I salute that divine Goddess, who is in karnamruthqm youth and is blue in colour, Whose bewitching hair is decorated by peacock feathers and flower garland, Who is decorated by forest krihna, who is always pleasant to the mind, Who puts red decorative thilaka from the paste made of mountain stone Who gets enraptured in the nectar of the music from the flute, And who is Lakshmi, the personification of great beauty.

Blessed with the taste of nectar and the beauty of meaning are your words, With your broad eyes changing according to the context, Especially showing lovely emotions,when you talk with love To the Gopi maidens mostly consisting of sweet nothings. And when I will be lucky to get my mind cooled by the music of your flute? Views Read Edit View history.

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