These classic Kerouac meditations, zen koans, and prose poems express The Scripture of the Golden Eternity is Jack Kerouac’s statement of. The Scripture of the Golden Eternity has ratings and 56 reviews. Eliasdgian said: [Κρατήσου, Τζακ, προσπέρασε τα πάντα, και τα πάντα είναι ένα όνειρο. 10 quotes from The Scripture of the Golden Eternity: ‘When you’ve understood this scripture, throw it away. If you can’t understand this scripture, throw.

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It’s better to approach this book while in a contemplative mood, so if your ready for kreouac spiritual adventure, get on board. This poetry was a little abstract at times you are everything and nothing, we are all the golden eternity. The quote in the first paragraph of this review is drawn from the LOA volume.

It is a way of thinking about spirituality that may be found in other seemingly unlikely sources in addition to Kerouac. No trivia or quizzes yet. Remember the golden eternity is yourself. The other shore kerouad right here, forgive and forget, protect and reassure.

You’re sitting at the bottom of the world with a head scriptuer iron. Kerouac died on October 21,from an abdominal hemorrhage, at age The golden eternity is the real “common mind of which we are all parts, a pool of generalised spirituality to which we can scri;ture flow” scripgure C. Jan 23, El Ko rated it it was amazing. Feb 04, Brett rated it it was amazing Shelves: Aug 02, Scot rated it it was amazing.

The navel shall receive, invert, and take back what’d issued forth; the ring of flesh shall close; the personalities of long dead heroes are blank dirt.

There was no question of being alive or not being alive, of likes and dislikes, of near or far, no question of giving or gratitude, no question of mercy or judgment, or of suffering or its opposite or anything. Locate silence, possess space, spot me the ego.


During that timeless moment of unconsciousness I saw the golden eternity. Keriuac selfless, the beauty of it, the butterfly doesnt take it as a goolden achievement, he just disappears through the trees.

I am Mortal Golden Eternity. The belief that we live here in this existence, divided into various beings, passing food goldeen and out of ourselves, and casting off husks of bodies one after another with no cessation and no definite or particular discrimination, is only an idea.

I love you because there’s nothing else to do. You travel with him. The world you see is just a movie in your mind. Oct 04, Rachel rated it really liked it Shelves: The “golden” came from the sun in my eyelids, and the “eternity” from my sudden instant realization as I woke up that I had just been where it all came from and where it was all returning, the everlasting So, and so never coming or going; therefore I call it the golden bolden but you can call it anything you want.

The Scripture of the Golden Eternity

The secret God-grin in the trees and in the teapot, in ashes and fronds, fire and brick, flesh and mental human etrnity. Unlike Kerouac, I didn’t wake up one morning fully enlightened, but I can appreciate his Beat-Buddhist poems.

The golden eternity doesnt even have to be perfect. Roaring dreams take place in a perfectly silent mind.

Its been ten years since I read it so I need to read it again soon. Imaginary meaning stretched to make mountains and as far as the germ is concerned it stretched even further to make molehills.

The Scripture of the Golden Eternity Quotes

Kerouac seriously thought through the vision he wanted to convey. The flies end up with the delicate viands. It is not even mind.


If we were not all the golden eternity we wouldnt be here. And that says “I love you because you’re me. Plus it will take you all of 45 minutes to read and a lifetime to grasp.

The Scripture of the Golden Eternity by Jack Kerouac

Are you generous and are you kind, those are the true virtues, and they’re only kefouac. Anyone who enjoys any of Kerouac’s other work will be interested in reading this. From The Portable Jack Oerouac The fate of humanity is to vanish into the golden eternity, return pouring into its hands which are not hands. There’s no possibility of a dialogue with the golden eternity, even in one’s mind.

Thanks to the publisher for a free copy! Kerouac is a master of language. Title The Scripture of the Golden Eternity. His playfulness with language is still here, etsrnity not so out of control that he entirely loses the thread as he often does in his other books. As I regained consciousness I felt so sorry I had a body and a mind suddenly realizing I didn’t even have a body and a mind and nothing had ever happened and everything is alright forever and forever and forever, O thank you thank you thank you.

That sky, if it was anything other than an illusion of my mortal mind I wouldnt have said “that sky. In emptiness there is no Why, no knowledge of Why, no ignorance of Why, no kack and no answering of Why, and no significance attached to this. It is very silly of me to talk about it.

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