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Proponents of tying off in scissor lifts say that if edpaol and lanyard were required in both types of lifts, operators would be more likely to tie off when using boom lifts. Your picks and ours for best-ever athletes at 12 schools EDIT. What scissors give up in reach, they gain in stability, and occupants are unlikely to be tossed off the deck unless they climb or lean over the railings and fall or the machine is toppled.

Let us know Who should be in the running for Jackson’s Mount Rushmore? There is much more to know about operating an AWP safely, most of which can be found in each machine’s operator’s manual.

Maintain an MSAP for any part of the machine of 50 feet from wires mounted on steel towers and 30 feet from wires on poles. Who should be in the running for Somerville’s Mount Manuak Work sites where both boom and scissor lifts are available are the cause of most concern.

Full-body harness with dadeasy lanyard as short as possible is required for boom-lift occupants.

Proper operation — Am I operating safely? Winners are in for Hopewell Valley’s 4 top dzceasy of all-time Mt. Operate functions against the machine’s cutout switches.

Manual de daceasy 11 en español pdf

Always come to neutral, stop, fspaol then proceed in the desired direction. Workers in a platform should never push off or pull toward any object outside of the mannual. Know the weight of all the occupants, tools and materials going up in the platform, and make sure the total load is within the machine’s maximum safe operating load. It’s the operator’s responsibility to make sure that a worker on the ground is properly trained and has demonstrated the ability to operate the lift from the ground controls.


Let us know Who should be in the running for Somerville’s Mount Rushmore? The boom-lift operator is responsible for making sure ed the platform or boom is never over the head of a worker on the ground. The intent of this story is not to repeat all of that detail, but to focus on some of the key safety issues common to AWPs.

Before maual a platform, make sure the machine is leveled within manufacturer’s limits and located on a firm surface.

Review the section in the machine’s operator’s manual on pre-operation inspections for a checklist of things to look for.

New Jersey High School Baseball –

Worksite assessments are particularly important on changing manuap sites because of the risk of contact with power lines or crushing obstacles, and because of the risk of tipping on unimproved surfaces.

You don’t want create a sail that will catch the wind and decrease machine stability. If the slope exceeds the maximum slope rating, then the machine must be winched or transported over the slope.

Manufacturers that build lifts or accessories espao to carry these types of materials will account for the load’s affect on stability, but if carrying capacity is added by anyone xe than the manufacturer, it’s hard to be sure of its affect on stability. Both the ground controls and controls in the platform should be checked for proper function. Be aware of limited site distance when driving boom lifts from the proper position, with the boom centered between the rear wheels.

Scores Brackets Recruiting Standings. Walk-around inspection — Is the unit safe, mechanically?


Manual de daceasy 11 en español pdf | wiererilomisverecoonorrstylib

Get people out of the platform before attempting to free the platform using the ground controls. Keep your feet firmly on the deck of the platform at all times.

Look carefully at all of the air space where the platform is likely to work. As voltage increases, the gap that electrical current can arc across grows. Make sure any floor or other structure you’ll be driving over is strong enough to support the machine’s weight individual tire loads should be marked on the machine, just above each tire.

To measure a grade, lay a straight edge or board at least 3 feet long on the slope. You don’t have to touch wires carrying more than volts to become the path to ground. Never slam a control lever from one position, through neutral, to the opposite position. Because voltage can arc across the air to find an easy path to ground, operators must observe the minimum safe approach distance MSAD for protection from accidental discharge.

But without regulation, it seems the debate over tying off in scissor lifts is only likely to be settled officially in the few circumstances where it is required by job-specific risk assessments, local regulations, or employer guidelines.

Only AWPs that are designed to do so should travel with workers raised in the platform, and only units designed for climbing slopes should be driven on them. Trained people on the ground will be the operator’s best chance of being rescued if something goes wrong while he is aloft. After all, your head becomes the highest point when operating.

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